Smart deals, strong returns

At Property Fit we understand the key to healthy growth is smart investments – not big flashy deals with a lot of risks. We focus on getting houses as cheap as possible in strong areas and renting those houses to good tenants who will have a stable long-term relationship with our clients.

The market is forever changing, and we know how to track that change; below is our price and gross yield guide for the areas in which we source properties. If you’re interested in investing somewhere and have questions about a certain area, please get in touch with our team and we can give you all the expert advice you’ll need to make a good investment.

Area Gross Yield Range Price Range
Manchester 5.5% – 6% £120k – £160k
St Helens 6% – 7% £85k – £100k
Birmingham 5% – 5.5% £150k – £200k
Leeds 5% – 6% £150k – £180k
North East 7% – 8.5% £65k – £90k
Nottingham 5%-6% £140k – £190k
Coventry 5% – 5.5% £140k – £180k

Forecast as of June 2021. 

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