Working with Property Fit FAQs

At Property Fit, we only source properties we would invest in ourselves. Typically 2 or 3 bed houses in Manchester, Liverpool or Birmingham. Terrace or Semi detached in established residential areas with high rental demand. These areas tend to be outside of the city centre.

There are 2 ways to finance a UK property investment.

1) Purchase the property with cash
2) Obtain a Buy-to-let mortgage which will typically be 65-75% of the purchase price, meaning that you will need 25-35% of the property value in cash.

With both finance routes there will also be other purchase costs such as legal fees, stamp duty, repair costs to get property into a lettable condition and sourcing agent fees.

With all of our properties, we will always add a £3k contingency for repairs. Some properties will require a bigger refurbishment than others; our viewing team will only select properties they feel will reach a high ROI, and this means some properties may require a refurbishment and others may not. If a property does require a refurbishment, we can connect clients to our sister company Bradwell Maintenance, who can take care of all your needs when it comes to refurbishment; from plastering and decorating to roofing and joinery, we can follow the full refurbishment process for your property. We can recommend, quote, and deliver the refurbishment work, and use trusted tradespeople to deliver the best possible service.

Absolutely, non-residents can actively participate in UK property investment from abroad. While there are no legal barriers for foreigners purchasing property in the UK, it’s essential for overseas investors to be mindful of certain points including tax and legal considerations. If you need advice from an accountant or mortgage broker we can introduce them to you.

• Standard Buy-to-let, 2% Sourcing fee (minimum £3,950) of the property purchase price (50% on the reservation; 50% on completion of the purchase)

• H.A (Housing Association) Lease creation service – £3,000

• Source property and convert into a professional HMO – £8,000

• £100 for viewing service on single dwellings and £175 for HMO’s (property visited and a written report, set of photos & video walk round). This is useful for investors who have already seen a property online but would like us to visit on their behalf.

• Please note we will request £1,000 + VAT commitment fee on agreed brief (refundable on fees above). Only charged once for new clients.

• Maintenance and lettings fees are additional to the fees above.

*All fees subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

To request a copy of our full client contract. please contact us today.

Yes; Property Fit’s expert viewing team is well-versed in looking closely at potential investments to assess their quality, providing our clients all the crucial information they need to make the right decision. This is not limited to the property itself, but also the local area, and our team prides itself on its in-depth, boots-on-the-ground research.

If you have a particular property in mind, please contact our team and we can arrange a viewing – our agents will write you a full report on their findings, take a range of detailed photographs, and produce a virtual tour of the property. Our ultimate goal is for you to be intimately familiar with properties without having to deal with the inconvenience of visiting them.

Our team covers; Greater Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Coventry, Nottingham, St. Helens, and East Lancashire.

How much is your Viewing Fee?

We are very pleased to offer a viewing service for just £100 + VAT per viewing.

Buying property in the UK from Hong Kong is indeed feasible and quite popular among overseas investors. It’s essential to conduct thorough research and seek professional guidance to navigate the process smoothly.

Property Fit specialises in assisting foreign nationals with UK property investments. We can aid in property selection, mortgage referral, and investment management. At Property Fit, we have extensive experience in helping numerous Hong Kong investors find suitable properties in the UK.

If you have any specific questions or need further assistance regarding property investment in the UK from Hong Kong, feel free to ask!

Buying property in the UK from the UAE is a viable option, but it’s crucial to approach it with careful research and professional guidance.

Property Fit has extensive experience in helping UAE investors navigate the UK property market.

While foreigners can purchase property in the UK without restriction, living in the property may require a visa, unless they are UK citizens.

If you have any questions or need further assistance regarding purchasing property in the UK from the UAE, feel free to ask!

Experience. Knowledge. Time. Communication.

  • We have years of experience in the property investment industry. We are your eyes and ears on the ground where it matters the most. We know what type of properties to buy and where to buy them.
  • We understand investing in a property can be daunting – we are here to put your mind at ease. We have the experience, the knowledge, the time, and the communication skills to help you through your property investment journey.
  • Whether it is your first investment or your tenth, we can help. Our aim is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients.
  • Our in-house property administrators manage the entire purchase for you. We work closely with all third parties involved, working with solicitors, our maintenance team, estate agents, and others.
  • If your property requires any refurbishment, we work with Bradwell Maintenance, our sister company, to provide any services you may need.
  • We can arrange to let your property for you, through our very own letting agent, At The Place.
  • We understand time is precious. Our clients tend to be working professionals where time is limited. We put in the work to save you time.
  • We provide an aftercare service for all of our clients.

Process and Finance FAQs

If you would like our team to put an offer on a property for you, to secure this offer we will require some documentation – please know all of your documents will be safe and GDPR compliant.

  • Proof of ID (Passport) – Certified
  • Proof of Address – Certified
  • Proof of Funds
  • Limited Company Incorporation Document
  • Mortgage In Principle

Our team is always on hand to help, you can call us on +44 333 358 0669, email us at info@property-fit.com or, if you prefer, you can complete our survey which will share with us an indication of the type of property you are looking for, in what area, with what expected yield and more.
It won’t take long to complete and a member of our team will be in touch once completed. You can find our survey here >

Yes, we do source HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation). However, we are very specific about the types of HMO that we will source and that we will only ever source HMOs that either have a HMO License and planning permission or a development HMO project where the correct planning and HMO license will be gained (managed by us).
We also ensure that any HMO that we source and develop are undertaken to a very good standard and are suitable for any type of tenant including young professionals. We do not source HMOs in Article 4 areas.
We tend to have a waiting list for HMOs so if you would like a HMO please let us know as it may take some time to arrange one for you.

The difference between ROI (return on investment) and yield is that the ROI measures a return specific to the amount invested or spent on an income-producing asset whereas a yield measures the return on the overall value of an asset. For example, if an investor buys a house for £100,000; she puts down a deposit for £25,000 and gets a mortgage. The rent per month is £500, and after mortgage and letting fees she is left with £200 per month. The ROI is 9.6% while the yield (gross/before other costs) is 6%.

Freehold property is when you purchase a property in full, whether that be with a mortgage or through a cash purchase. This means you own the property and the land that it is on. A leasehold is when you purchase the rights for the property for a period of time, this is normally for about 99 years.

You can purchase a property as both cash buy or mortgage. Alternatively, you can split the purchase between cash and mortgage.

Property Fit also have their very own letting agency, At-The-Place.com, a skilled team who will ensure your letting experience is smooth and successful. Once we have sourced a property for you, we can help you find the right tenant – our aim is to secure long-term, good tenants for your property.

Of course! We pride ourselves on good customer service. We have an in-house team who will manage the purchase process for you. Our dedicated team will share bi-weekly updates with you and will have regular contact throughout your purchase. Did you know we operate on WhatsApp, Signal, email, and telephone? However you like to keep in touch, we are happy to help.

After years of experience, we are confident in the areas we source in. We know the best (and the worse) locations across the UK. We always aim for strong rental areas with a high yield/ROI.
We cover properties in:

  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Liverpool

It’s well-known that purchasing a property can take time and have setbacks along the way – here at Property Fit we always aim to complete our process within 8 – 12 weeks. Our team will always do everything in their power to get your property purchase complete as soon as they can.

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