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What does the BNO Visa scheme mean, and how can property sourcing UK help?

On the 22nd July, 2020 the British Government introduced a new BNO (British National Overseas) passport which will enable Hong Kong residents to come to the UK for two periods of 30 months or up to 5 years with the rights to work or study and creating a path for Hong Kong nationals to become full UK citizens. This has prompted more buying of UK property with property sourcing UK from Hong Kong nationals for either investment purposes or to live in themselves.

The Home Secretary, Priti Patel announced the BNO scheme for Hong residents which will create a bespoke immigration route to enable British National Overseas citizens ordinarily resident in Hong Kong, and their immediate family members, to move to the UK to work and study, hence the need for property sourcing uk agents. The government committed to open this new immigration route following the Chinese government’s decision to impose a new National Security Law on Hong Kong.

In addition to providing a pathway for BN(O)s, this route will also enable those born after 1 July 1997 to a British National (Overseas) registered parent to apply to come to the UK.

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Home Secretary Priti Patel said:

“The UK has a strong historic relationship with the people of Hong Kong and we are keeping our promise to them to uphold their freedoms.
BN(O) citizens will now have a choice to come and live, work and study in the UK, building a new life for them and their family.
We look forward to welcoming BN(O) citizens to the UK with property sourcing uk services.
BN(O) citizens coming to the UK will have access to the job market at any skill level and without salary threshold but will not have access to public funds under this route. This will enable those who want to live in the UK to do so and become valued members of our society.”

Those who come to property sourcing UK through this route will be able to apply to settle in the UK with indefinite leave to remain once they have lived in the UK for 5 years. After 12 months with this status they will then be able to apply for British citizenship. Property sourcing UK can help with this process.

What do I need to qualify for the scheme, and how can property sourcing uk help me?

In order for BN(O)s citizens to take up this offer they do not need to have a valid Hong Kong BN(O) passport. They’ll need a valid passport to show proof of identity, but this can be any applicable nationality passport. They can use a valid or expired BN(O) passport to show proof of BN(O) status, however, if they do not have a BN(O) passport the Home Office may be able to check status without one.

Those born after the 1st July 1997 are not eligible to become BN(O)s having been born after the UK’s handover of Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong BN(O) Visa route has been open from January 2021. Eligible BN(O) citizens are able to apply for this route both inside and outside the UK.

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For those who wish to travel before the route opens, the UK will ensure that BN(O) citizens who wish to come to the UK are able to do so, subject to standard immigration checks. A BN(O) citizen can come to the UK as a visitor for up to six months without a visa, or apply for an existing visa route. Eligible BN(O) citizens unable to meet the Immigration Rules may be granted Leave Outside the Rules at the border. Eligible BN(O) citizens will be able to switch to the Hong Kong BN(O) Visa route once it is open, from within the UK.

Within this Hong Kong BNO scheme, over 88,000 people have moved to the UK, a good portion using the property sourcing uk service, showing that it is a desirable place to live.

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Or for more information, you can look on the British government website here.

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