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We offer many different services at Property Fit, with the goal of being able to do anything a buy-to-let landlord might need to secure a property that will deliver a good return on investment. Our lettings viewing service delivers all the information you need to decide on a potential investment. Our professional viewing agents will visit the properties and assess the local area. Then, they will inspect the property to assess its potential. They will write a report so the benefits of the house are made clear, and any potential concerns are noted.

We will also note the potential price, rental value, and a list of summary repairs with an estimated repair cost (subject to a quote from a professional property maintenance company).

We want you to be able to get an impression of the property yourself, which is why our viewers will take extensive photos of every area of the house, plus a video tour to give yourself a feel for the layout.

Why do I need a company for a lettings viewing service?

It’s essential that landlords properly assess a house before buying to ensure its value is high. This doesn’t just mean a house that isn’t falling apart; on the ground details can indicate whether a house is a reliable investment or a disaster waiting to happen. Our viewing agents are experienced and know how to tell a golden opportunity from a dud – they will never recommend a property that doesn’t suit your needs.

This also goes beyond the property itself; buyers must also consider the area that a property is in, using their own knowledge and taking the time to explore and assess the overall appeal of the local area. What really helps our viewing agents is knowing exactly what you’re looking for (or, hoping to avoid!). If you’d like to make sure we have the clearest idea of the kinds of properties and areas you’re looking for, please answer our quick property survey. This will allow us to search for properties for you without you even needing to contact us directly!

Many of these details are small and hard to pick up on without years of experience, or deep knowledge of the property market and the different areas of the UK. You can trust our viewing agents to accurately assess any properties they carry out a viewing at.

Where and how can I book a viewing?

We’re lucky enough to have some talented viewing agents around the UK, and our team covers Greater Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Coventry, Nottingham, St. Helens, East Lancashire, and East London. We’re always looking to expand, and it’s likely that the areas we cover will increase over time.

Luckily enough, we’re currently running a promotion on our viewing service which allows you to book a viewing for just £35VAT per viewing, a reduction of £65! Please be aware this promotion only applies to single tenancy properties. We’re happy to carry out a viewing for an HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) but the cost will be £100+VAT.

Viewing a house is only the first step to securing it as an investment. With such a fast-moving, competitive property market in the UK, you might feel pressured at the work it can take just to secure a single house. Property Fit has sourced 450 properties worth over £35 million and can handle every step of the sourcing process so you don’t have to worry about it. We also work with our sister companies, Bradwell Maintenance and Blue Wing Lettings, who can make sure your house is in a good state and let it out to reliable tenants. We’ve got everything you need here to secure a bright future for your investments!

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a viewing of a property, please get in touch with us today.

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